Drone Inspections

We provide remote inspection services to difficult to reach locations. Where cherry pickers can’t access, we can! Providing high resolution imagery for post analysis, saving you the expense, time and hassle of scaffolding. In addition to this, we can cover a larger area in very short time.

Chimneys & Rooftops

Working closely with construction industry experts, we can target areas of interest and capture high resolution imagery for remote inspection. Regularly working with The Master Sweep, we’ve saved customers a huge amount by analysing the condition of chimney stacks and surrounding areas. This is particularly useful on buildings with thatched roofs where scaffolding isn’t an option.

Bridges & Structures

Inspecting critical points on large constructions, such as towers and bridges is a very cost effective practise when using UAVs rather than abseiling technicians. In a very short time frame, we can survey large areas in very high detail.


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