Drone Services

They don’t just take lovely pictures! Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or, more commonly, ‘Drones’ can be deployed for a vast number of applications. The sky is no longer the limit, your imagination is! With the correct certification and insurances in place, Rotorscope are experts in the modern era of aerial data acquisition.

Leaders of Drone Photography in Cornwall.


Adding a new dimension to your productions, aerial imagery provides a previously unseen element to your subject. An affordable yet highly effective way of maximising production value. More.


Avoid the expense and inconvenience of scaffolding, cherry pickers and hard hats by using Rotorscope to inspect rooftops, chimneys, solar panels and grounds. More.


By combining high resolution imagery with exceptionally accurate GPS data, we can create a highly accurate 3D model of any building or structure – perfect for architectural designs. More.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a relatively new and exciting industry, there’s undoubtedly a lot of questions in peoples’ minds concerning safety, privacy and often times just curiosity. Hopefully we’ve covered the main areas, but if you’re still lusting for more information, click here to read our FAQs. Feel free to contact us at the bottom of this page if there’s anything else that we’ve missed!

The drone process

Flying a drone in a responsible, legal and safe manner requires prior preparation. Before we can accept your mission, there will be some information we need from you to determine feasibility. To make the process easier to understand, we’ve written a page outlining the entire process from initial enquiry though to taking to the sky! Click here to read our step by step guide.

Did you know?

By hiring an unlicensed drone operator, you could be breaking the law. It’s not just the cowboy operators who are in the wrong! Legally, any drone operator flying for commercial gain must have permission from the CAA. All pilots must have CAA PFCO (Permission for commercial operation) status and hold valid commercial drone insurance. Hiring an illegal drone operator without insurance or CAA permission could result in prosecution and a hefty fine of £5000. In addition to a fine, any operator without a PfCO will not be insured making you potentially susceptible to damages.

To make sure the drone operator you hire is operating safely and lawfully, they should be able to provide the following.

Permission for Commerical Operations (PfCO Certificate)

This is a permission granted by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority after successful completion of extensive training, examinations and the creation of a comprehensive Operations Manual – a document detailing exactly how the Pilot in Command and his/her organisation intends to operate in UK airspace.

Commercial Insurance Cover

As required by law, all commercial drone operators must hold a valid insurance policy covering potential damages to third parties. Most council owned land requires a minimum cover policy of £5m in public liability. It is very important that you check any operators have this in place before contracting their services.


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