3D Modelling

By taking multiple images of your subject, we can extract the GPS data to create an exceptionally accurate 3D render. Using industry standard software, we can generate LAS or OBJ files, point clouds and more, for use in an array of other programs for bespoke applications.

For Architects and Designers

Proving high resolution 3D renders which are accurate to centimetres is an invaluable tool for analysis of construction sites. Save valuable time and money using an aerial platform to create a highly accurate point cloud.

3D Printing

Using our UAV platform, we can make an accurate 3D model of your house, grounds, or favourite area. Once our work is complete, a 3D render can be uploaded to a a remote server, where a specialist team will form a physical 3D model!

Visual Effects

We can create an OBJ file of any large structure or object. This can then be imported into your compositing software of choice, where it can be dropped into any VFX sequence.

For Agriculture

Mapping and modelling your land is a very efficient way of determining crop hight, quality and density. Along with a 3D render, we can provide you with detailed aerial images for further inspection.


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